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Winter Warm-up: Part II

This winter has definitely been mild, to say the least – yikes, kind of scary!  I am a little bit sad for not experiencing the beauty of a snow fall, and have also missed wearing a lot of warm winter sweaters & scarves.  Although, I think those of us in Georgia have, for the most part, been enjoying the sunshine & fall like weather…heck, we’ve had more than a handful of spring like weather and warmth!  Today, though, is rather dismal and rainy. That being said, I thought it was a good time to follow up with a Winter Warm-up: Part II  (this year’s Winter Warm-up: Part I  )  – (Last year’s Winter Warm-up: Part I  or  Part II.)

The two beach pictures above feel very special to me.  They capture my oldest who is a dancer at heart and I can ‘feel’ the movement.  The latter of the two looks as though she is about to take flight…which, makes me think to the future, as well as reflect on the past & present…

The pieces that make a whole, sometimes are overlooked, and feel relatively insignificant.  Truly these little pieces can bring you back to a place in time – in the blink of an eye.  Little hands, feet, toes, eyes, lashes, lips, teeth, tippy toes…

photography of siblings feet

Look who ALMOST fell asleep in the water!  All that sun, fresh air, beach play…it had the poor girl wiped out (and denying to me she was tired)!   😛

The image below almost became a casualty of a hasty, momentary decision.  My daughter’s face was speaking to me, but, it wasn’t exactly something I was ‘looking’ for.  In the end, when I saw this particular picture up close for review, I saw very clearly, my mom and perhaps generations before her were there speaking through my daughter’s eyes, lips, nose…

Thank you for getting this far!   😉   That was another huge share!  It was a nice long vacation though too!  I wish it hadn’t been so long ago already, but, hey, photos give us the ability to relive them as often as we want!

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Do trees ever talk to you? Part I

Today is a gorgeous day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue all over.   The temperature is in the mid 60’s, but feels sooo nice with the sun warming your skin…  This day, couldn’t be much further from polar opposite to the pictures I’m sharing with you today!         😀

Do you see through the fog, the tall trees in the horizon?

On the day I took these pictures, 2/1/11, rain was expected, but…there was something more to the atmosphere.  I picked up the kids from school, and the whole way to and from, I was admiring my misty-eerie-foggy surroundings.  We headed over to daddy’s office for a quick hello.  While we were there, I became even more enamored with the mysterious, creeping, looming, hanging moisture present all around us.  I popped some of my little turkey’s back in the car, zoomed down the street to our house, grabbed my camera and zipped right back to the office.  All the kids chose to stay indoors, while I braved the cold, creepy fog.

I had never noticed this particular tree before.  Although, at that moment, I found him quite clearly speaking to me.  I envisioned him kind of shrugging his arms at me, in agreeance on the weather perhaps…or maybe wondering what sort of a nutty human I was to be wandering around out there.

As for the two images below…I just loved how bright this wheat looking stuff is.  It looks lovely during a normal day, but I did not expect to find it still looking this bright.  Even the heavy, misty, gloom couldn’t hold it down.

This tree struck me as owl-like and I felt like he was watching me just as much as I was watching all of them…  I know that my Grandmother, whom I never really met, loved owls…and so, this reminds me of her, and of my mom…

and last, certainly not least in my eyes, is the tree that reminded me of lightening striking.

I have more of this day to share with you, but for now, must get back to my regularly scheduled programing     😉

Winter Warm-up Part 11

I thought now was a good time for part deux of the winter warm-up!  Although, I must tell you now, my next two blogs will might be winter/Christmas themed   🙂   Last night the sleet here made the roads so dangerous, less than a mile away from my home I was stopped behind a parked car who was checking on the car next to me – which was turned completely on it’s passenger side doors, vertical in the air, bottom of the tires facing me!  Then the car behind me slid off the road too.  Madness in Georgia when it’s icy!  Thankfully, no one was injured in those accidents that happened around me.  When morning came it was so incredibly ICY that school was cancelled because of the road conditions.  It is very strange having a *SNOW DAY* with no snow!  I thought I could just pick up a bag of salt for our driveway, yeah, that’s not as easy here as it is in Illinois!  Now, here I am layered in a sweatshirt and slippers and still I have cold fingers and a frozen nose!  On that note, what do you say, we enjoy the warmth of these days passed… these too are from last May!   😆   imagine that!

This bumblebee came by when I was taking pictures of Miss M.  I think he wanted to be photographed too!  Although this lens is not a macro lens, I think it did okay   🙂   and completely has me looking forward to having a macro one day!

Barefoot in the grass on a warm summer’s eve.  Well, I wish Lauren had been barefoot too!  Those pretty little crocs I could do without looking at!   😉

and for a sweet ending, my favorite tunnel of trees.   🙂

Winter Warm-up Part 1

Hello & welcome!  I thought we could all use the warm-up, even those of you down in Florida!   🙂   So, this time around, I have us regressing back to this past May…again.    I had set out with the kiddos and happened upon a field FILLED with dandelions.  For some, this may not have been the place to stop for photos, but for me, it was incredibly ideal!  One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!   😉

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season!  Stop back in a day, I have another warm-up post planned already!   😆

Ode to the Japanese Maple

Isn’t this color intense!?  Out of all the beautiful fall changes, this is the tree I most look forward to seeing turn every year.  This is a Japanese maple tree ‘Osakazuki.’  Oddly enough, this tree is our kids best only climbing tree!  I can’t wait until they realize this when they are older, because where they climb is just not very high off the ground.  They still love it.  Well some do, I won’t mention names, but some get struck with an intense fear once they’re up, and where they sit is only a mere 4 feet off the ground (if that)!   😆

The Japanese maple tree has been said to have the most vibrant, intense color of all the maples and we are fortunate enough to have plenty of them in our yard.  It is always one of our last trees to transition, or succumb, to the fall transformation.  That day has finally come, so I share with you my joy!

Also likened to that of a ‘burning bush,’ be sure to check out the stunning red and orange coloring in the gallery down below.  They are the individual pictures from the arrangement above, so that you can see their full, vibrant beauty!   🙂