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Oops! I moved!

I got a little confused & wasn’t sure how to handle relocating my blog…in turn, I guess I left this blog up & now, I can see traffic still is flowing, even though I’ve not been posting here in a long while…

Please head over to my new blog location and continue to visit me there instead!  & I’ll work on posting more frequently…deal!?!  😉


Thank you!




butterfly for move


Macro Photography <3

Macro Photography is absolutely a favorite of mine!  Up close, real, real close!

Rock the Shot, a photography forum (www.rocktheshot.com), is having a macro photography contest for the month of August & I’ve decided to throw one of my favorites into the mix.

This is quite simply a close up of a dandelion.  Taken from above, the depth of field is so thin that as the dandelion curves around into a ball like shape, those curved edges come out of focus.  Leaving me with with one of my favorite macro images.

My ‘soft dand’ somehow leaves me feeling calm and relaxed…almost soothed.  Weird, it’s just a weed!   😉

…and one more makes 5!!! {the B family}

This sweet family became a party of 5 in late February.  About a month later, they welcomed me into their home where we had their session.  With a house where boys are the majority, they all looked forward to having baby girl Ashley Regan around.  I was delighted to be with them and see how they handled everything with such ease.  Can you believe this couple has been together since they were in high school!?  Look at what a beautiful family and genuinely happy life they’ve created together ❤  ❤  ❤    Thank you so much for sharing your family & your home with me.


Erin & Todd absolutely love their baby girl’s faux hawk!  I quickly fell for it too & couldn’t resist documenting it!     🙂

Such incredibly handsome boys!

Seriously, what a lucky girl…so very loved.    🙂   

Winter Warm-up: Part II

This winter has definitely been mild, to say the least – yikes, kind of scary!  I am a little bit sad for not experiencing the beauty of a snow fall, and have also missed wearing a lot of warm winter sweaters & scarves.  Although, I think those of us in Georgia have, for the most part, been enjoying the sunshine & fall like weather…heck, we’ve had more than a handful of spring like weather and warmth!  Today, though, is rather dismal and rainy. That being said, I thought it was a good time to follow up with a Winter Warm-up: Part II  (this year’s Winter Warm-up: Part I  )  – (Last year’s Winter Warm-up: Part I  or  Part II.)

The two beach pictures above feel very special to me.  They capture my oldest who is a dancer at heart and I can ‘feel’ the movement.  The latter of the two looks as though she is about to take flight…which, makes me think to the future, as well as reflect on the past & present…

The pieces that make a whole, sometimes are overlooked, and feel relatively insignificant.  Truly these little pieces can bring you back to a place in time – in the blink of an eye.  Little hands, feet, toes, eyes, lashes, lips, teeth, tippy toes…

photography of siblings feet

Look who ALMOST fell asleep in the water!  All that sun, fresh air, beach play…it had the poor girl wiped out (and denying to me she was tired)!   😛

The image below almost became a casualty of a hasty, momentary decision.  My daughter’s face was speaking to me, but, it wasn’t exactly something I was ‘looking’ for.  In the end, when I saw this particular picture up close for review, I saw very clearly, my mom and perhaps generations before her were there speaking through my daughter’s eyes, lips, nose…

Thank you for getting this far!   😉   That was another huge share!  It was a nice long vacation though too!  I wish it hadn’t been so long ago already, but, hey, photos give us the ability to relive them as often as we want!

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The {Sweet} Plunge!

So, I decided to ‘take the plunge.’  I went ahead and launched a website this weekend and followed it up with a facebook page.  If you’ve been following my blog, I would absolutely love for you to hop on over and have a peek at the website and most certainly if you have a facebook page, then link up with me there too!




As always, thank you so much for following or stopping in!

On a side note, I felt funny creating a post and including no images, so, since I have ‘how sweet it is to be loved by you’  stuck in my head, I thought I’d share an image of something sweet   🙂   

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btw, everything that was ‘tagged’ in this post can absolutely be found in my website, lots, here on this blog  😛

Do trees ever talk to you? Part I

Today is a gorgeous day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue all over.   The temperature is in the mid 60’s, but feels sooo nice with the sun warming your skin…  This day, couldn’t be much further from polar opposite to the pictures I’m sharing with you today!         😀

Do you see through the fog, the tall trees in the horizon?

On the day I took these pictures, 2/1/11, rain was expected, but…there was something more to the atmosphere.  I picked up the kids from school, and the whole way to and from, I was admiring my misty-eerie-foggy surroundings.  We headed over to daddy’s office for a quick hello.  While we were there, I became even more enamored with the mysterious, creeping, looming, hanging moisture present all around us.  I popped some of my little turkey’s back in the car, zoomed down the street to our house, grabbed my camera and zipped right back to the office.  All the kids chose to stay indoors, while I braved the cold, creepy fog.

I had never noticed this particular tree before.  Although, at that moment, I found him quite clearly speaking to me.  I envisioned him kind of shrugging his arms at me, in agreeance on the weather perhaps…or maybe wondering what sort of a nutty human I was to be wandering around out there.

As for the two images below…I just loved how bright this wheat looking stuff is.  It looks lovely during a normal day, but I did not expect to find it still looking this bright.  Even the heavy, misty, gloom couldn’t hold it down.

This tree struck me as owl-like and I felt like he was watching me just as much as I was watching all of them…  I know that my Grandmother, whom I never really met, loved owls…and so, this reminds me of her, and of my mom…

and last, certainly not least in my eyes, is the tree that reminded me of lightening striking.

I have more of this day to share with you, but for now, must get back to my regularly scheduled programing     😉

Thanking his lucky stars he’s no TURKEY!

To say the least the long holiday weekend was distracting and I had plenty of photo opp’s!  I hope you enjoyed your family time too!  Check back in soon to see exactly where this chicken came from!

I am thrilled to be back on track!  While I’m finishing up some edits, I thought I’d share more from the “K” family I told you about, remember them – like it was that long ago   😛   …they really are the sweetest!  Here are some of their storyboards.

Hello & welcome!


I am here to share, my joy, my passions, my inspiration.  I want to invoke a feeling, or an emotion from you, tell you a story, or perhaps even inspire you.   My motivation spurs from my FAMILY, NATURE and LOVE.  Young love, old love, new beginnings, even endings, and trying to capture all of the moments in between!   I hope to ignite something in you, that has you coming back for more!   😀

Best, Jill

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Log cabin any time of year!

Did I say I would post frequently!?  I suppose it is all relative 😉  Just an F.Y.I., I plan on posting two or three times a week, give or take a post (or two)!!!  lol!

Last May the girls had a dance recital.  The venue for the practice and recital was right across from this old, rustic cabin, which I adore.  A log cabin sounds perfect for any time of year, doesn’t it!?  A warm summer day with a lake near by, close enough to see or walk to.  An autumn eve with a crispness is the air, red, yellow, orange and green leaves all around.  A winter day with snow all around, on the roof and on the ground.  Well, these pictures have none of that, but, it was spring and still perfect.  There was some sort of blooming going on that was releasing all these tiny little white things into the air and they just floated around, almost like snowflakes, but lighter…anyone have a guess?  I didn’t catch any pictures of the itty bitty white stuff, well none to speak of.  However, I most certainly have plans to return to the cabin this coming spring and am hoping to encounter the floating tiny white stuff and capture it in it’s own tiny glory.