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Winter Warm-up: Part 1

Last winter I posted a blog called, Winter Warm-up.  This year I’m past due for posting a warm-up, although, I must say, I think most of us haven’t exactly been needing it!   😉   I have been longing for a beach visit though, alas, I have revisited our beach vacation from this past July.   🙂   We had such a great time!  Waking up to the beach, the sounds of the ocean, the feel of the air, beach walks any time of day, ah *sigh* it was wonderful…we even rescued a baby shark one night, go figure it was on a night where we left camera’s behind  :/

Anyhow, with such a variety of ages present, there was no end to the fun, exploration, wonder & amazement.  Like my warm-up last year, I have already dubbed them Part 1 and Part 2 (which, will be soon to follow).  Please enjoy my over share!

This one, I fondly think of as, “boy meets ocean.”

All 5 of them all doing different things, but, encompassed in one shot.  Makes my heart smile.  After revisiting all of these images, I’m heavily wishing I was in them too, but, am so absolutely happy to have these moments captured in time.

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On such a gloomy day…

Since today is so overcast & gloomy here in Georgia, I thought I’d perk up us locals and post an array of cherry blossoms from our first days of spring.  If some of you northerner’s can believe this, these pictures were taken in the very first days of MARCH!     😀

The High Museum of Art…well, part of it…

The High Museum of Art is, well, inspiring…

If you are interested in using any of the images you have seen here on my blog as artwork in your own home, please feel free to contact me at jc@jilliancobbphotography.com  & then please take a picture of ‘it’ & send it to me so I can see the ‘placement’ in your home!   🙂

Lovely, just lovely.

The Johnson Wedding…Saturday, May 28, 2011…The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA… ❤

What a lovely day, lovely couple, lovely family…

Thank you.

P.S.  The architecture of the area where they shared their vows was so beautiful & inspiring, I have created a post for those images alone.  Be sure to check them out tomorrow.

Do trees ever talk to you? Part I

Today is a gorgeous day, the sun is shining and the sky is blue all over.   The temperature is in the mid 60’s, but feels sooo nice with the sun warming your skin…  This day, couldn’t be much further from polar opposite to the pictures I’m sharing with you today!         😀

Do you see through the fog, the tall trees in the horizon?

On the day I took these pictures, 2/1/11, rain was expected, but…there was something more to the atmosphere.  I picked up the kids from school, and the whole way to and from, I was admiring my misty-eerie-foggy surroundings.  We headed over to daddy’s office for a quick hello.  While we were there, I became even more enamored with the mysterious, creeping, looming, hanging moisture present all around us.  I popped some of my little turkey’s back in the car, zoomed down the street to our house, grabbed my camera and zipped right back to the office.  All the kids chose to stay indoors, while I braved the cold, creepy fog.

I had never noticed this particular tree before.  Although, at that moment, I found him quite clearly speaking to me.  I envisioned him kind of shrugging his arms at me, in agreeance on the weather perhaps…or maybe wondering what sort of a nutty human I was to be wandering around out there.

As for the two images below…I just loved how bright this wheat looking stuff is.  It looks lovely during a normal day, but I did not expect to find it still looking this bright.  Even the heavy, misty, gloom couldn’t hold it down.

This tree struck me as owl-like and I felt like he was watching me just as much as I was watching all of them…  I know that my Grandmother, whom I never really met, loved owls…and so, this reminds me of her, and of my mom…

and last, certainly not least in my eyes, is the tree that reminded me of lightening striking.

I have more of this day to share with you, but for now, must get back to my regularly scheduled programing     😉

Meet our Bio Cube


With all of the snow, which I’m happy to see & have   😉   I thought it would be good to take our minds elsewhere for a quick minute.  My apologies in advance, I am about to interchange he & it a lot!  —I never thought I would be excited to bring home a new fish, or better yet anything else that goes in a tank.  Despite the contrary, I couldn’t be more thrilled with our anemone.  This guy is so interesting.  It’s tentacle’s flow in the current, but it will move itself by it’s own free will as well!  We had placed the anemone on the shelf behind it, but it moved its way over and down, clearly to where he felt best.  When we feed the anemone, the tentacles curl over sensing food in the vicinity and when it feels the food, the dozens of arms work together to get the goods to its mouth!  I thought it was so strange that it had a mouth & could move on its own.  For now this anemone of ours is nameless, like most I’m sure…however, I feel he certainly deserves one -btw, I just feel it’s a he.  Either way, it is beautiful, in it’s own, tentacle-y way.  The skin is vibrant and transparent – I don’t even know if it’s called skin.  It is just lovely to look at, almost like it is illuminated by a light from within.   This polyp and it’s fellow tank mates, are yet another reminder as to how complex and detailed life all around us is.  Not that we’re surrounded by these guys often, if at all.  But, in general – all that nature has to offer…everyday beauties and wonders.

All the lights & glory…

There are so many holiday traditions to pass on to your children.  One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is driving around looking at all the lights.  Especially on Christmas Eve, on our way home from Grandma’s house!  Some of the houses we used to see went ALL out!  There would be tons of movement, little ice rinks with skaters, fake children in snowball fights, etc.  Now, I love to get the kids in their footie pajamas, grab some yummy snacks, everyone with their own special Christmas blanket and loaded into the car.  We tune into a station that plays only holiday music and then tour around the town checking out Christmas lights and decorations!  There may not be snow falling -or even on the ground for that matter- but, it is pretty darn close to ideal!  I decided I would share some of what we’ve been seeing, just incase you haven’t yet taken a drive for yourself!   🙂   The picture above is hands down, my favorite…although, let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to decide!

The house below was awesome!  It is one of my little jumpy-jumpy’s teachers.  The teacher sent out her address to everyone inviting them all to come see…and when we got there, we knew why!  Their lights moved and changed colors, all while in sync with music that you tune into on your radio!  We must’ve sat here for at least 10 minutes, in actuality, it was probably way longer!

Actually, their whole neighborhood was worth the visit!  It just so happens to be right near the duck pond we visit regularly!  In fact it’s the only duck pond we know of near by.

These were very classic, which I enjoy thoroughly.   🙂

Ah, the beautiful trees in their Christmas glory!  The tree all the way to the right is in the entrance of a subdivision on our way to school.  It is just gorgeous during the day as well.

Here are some from our duck pond, I love the reflections.  Although, I must say, I did not capture the true beauty and calm, silent comfort that I felt as I watched these displays in person… (& I totally should’ve used a tripod because of using such zoom & low light).

This was my company for the evening one night     🙂    He is very sweet & was always incredibly relieved to climb back on my lap when I would get back in the car.

I hope you enjoyed this large share of mine, especially if you haven’t taken the time to take a drive for yourself…now maybe you’ll be inspired enough to do so!  Especially those of you who are nearby me!  If you’d like to know our route, just message me, I’d be more than glad to pass it on!     🙂

Hello & welcome!


I am here to share, my joy, my passions, my inspiration.  I want to invoke a feeling, or an emotion from you, tell you a story, or perhaps even inspire you.   My motivation spurs from my FAMILY, NATURE and LOVE.  Young love, old love, new beginnings, even endings, and trying to capture all of the moments in between!   I hope to ignite something in you, that has you coming back for more!   😀

Best, Jill

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My Road to Discovery…

Okay, so I’m anxious, very anxious…and excited. The energy that is pumping through me is giving me the kind of feeling where your chest is filled with butterflies and it actually tickles. Every now and then, I have to take a few deep breaths to sooth the tickle. What is it that has me feeling this way?! New love? Well sort of. It’s my newfound passion, bordering on obsession, for photography.

My road to discovery has been a long time in the making, I just never realized it!

I’ve been obsessively snapping pictures of my children for the past seven years now. Trying to document their every important milestone, special occasion, tender touch, and casual every day moments of my little turkey’s lives. When my youngest turned one it led me to thinking about many things, one of which was: me. Having four children within the span of 6 years has not left, to say the least, very much time to think about myself.

As Emily Ann approached the very celebrated milestone of turning one, I realized, all too quickly, my baby girl would soon become very independent of me. Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s not yet packing her bags and on her way out the door. However, independence is a big part of growing up. I know if I don’t start reclaiming my own independence, I will, all too soon, find myself in an unfamiliar world of hurt.

As life would have it, some things have to be slapping me in the face for me to recognize what is going on. In this particular case, that is just what happened. I was backtracking through the past year of photographs when it dawned on me, that I would like to get to know photography on a whole different level. I started studying my camera (and it’s manual) and all of its creative modes. Then, I started taking the kiddos outside with the full intention of studying what I was doing. At first I thought it was amazing, then I was bewildered and confused! F-stop, shutter speed, ISO, overexposed, underexposed, light meter, RAW, you get the picture!? Within days of each other I had the opportunity to take pictures of two separate family friends, which was the slap in the face that kicked me into gear and, well…

Here I am, inviting you to join me on my journey. I would love for you to stop in from time to time, share my joy through my old, yet newfound, passion for photography and watch my growth.

Please feel free to leave comments!

By the way, the picture faaarr above & the only picture for this post, was taken when we were out near the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve.  We happened upon the riverwalk, which I thought was by far so beautfiul and picturesque!

Another FYI, I plan on posting rather frequently here at first.  This is mostly due to the fact that I meant to start a blog last May, when I originally wrote this post!!!  Therefore, I have a lot of catching up to do!   😆