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Best Friends

The {Sweet} Plunge!

So, I decided to ‘take the plunge.’  I went ahead and launched a website this weekend and followed it up with a facebook page.  If you’ve been following my blog, I would absolutely love for you to hop on over and have a peek at the website and most certainly if you have a facebook page, then link up with me there too!




As always, thank you so much for following or stopping in!

On a side note, I felt funny creating a post and including no images, so, since I have ‘how sweet it is to be loved by you’  stuck in my head, I thought I’d share an image of something sweet   🙂   

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btw, everything that was ‘tagged’ in this post can absolutely be found in my website, lots, here on this blog  😛


My Little Woodland Fairies

Some of my friends have ALL boys, one thing I have a few of, is little girls!  One thing my little girls absolutely love to do is — dress up!  Another thing that goes hand-in-hand with dressing up — having tea parties!  So, one afternoon my dear husband and sweet boy went out together, leaving the girls to be girls.  My oldest child is constantly dressing up herself, her siblings and her friends.  This particular afternoon was no exception.  I walked into the living room only to find all three girls, dressed as fairies, complete with wings and wands…having a tea party.  They were so cute, I went to get my camera immediately.  After snapping a few pictures, it occurred to me.  It is so nice outside.  Let them have a tea party in the forest & let them be little fairies out there.  I asked, and let me just tell you, they were jumping at the opportunity, literally!  Out we went.  They played & I stayed far away, stalking as if they were my prey, letting them interact & behave as they would naturally.  Next time, I believe I will intervene, because they were so inspiring!   🙂

Keep in mind these pictures were taken in May 2010   🙂   I wish I would’ve taken the time to edit all of them sooner, but, for me, they are a completely fond memory to revisit any time!

Their nose kisses are the sweetest…they make my heart smile and sigh…

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Lovely, just lovely.

The Johnson Wedding…Saturday, May 28, 2011…The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA… ❤

What a lovely day, lovely couple, lovely family…

Thank you.

P.S.  The architecture of the area where they shared their vows was so beautiful & inspiring, I have created a post for those images alone.  Be sure to check them out tomorrow.

Just My Babies

Today, I thought I would post some of “just my kids”   🙂      I am always trying to catch them doing what they do!  Of course, there are all kinds of ages and stages kids go through.  These are some of the ones mine are going through right now.

They play together A LOT.

Clearly, they sometimes have trouble reaching, or seeing things.

He bundles himself in his favorite blanket to keep warm while at the kitchen table.

A girl after my own heart, often with her nose in a book.

Always doing ‘stuff’ with these little man hands.

…on the go, in the full swing of things…

…and one of my favorites, discovering and really checking things out.

Besties…whether you like this word or not…that’s what they are!

Here we are still in April…

These lovely, young girls met shortly before they turned the ripe old age of two.  They are best friends, and quite simply, might as well be sisters.  Our families are as close as you can be without actually sharing a blood line.  Every now and then, we kind of celebrate how & when we came to be.

On this particular day, these two came to me, changed into dresses, with huge smiles on their faces, and requested my company outside complete with camera.  Busy patterns and all, I could not resist!

It was a warm spring evening filled with laughter, thumb wrestling, dancing, spinning, hand holding, mystery solving, and just being young.




Free, lighthearted fun!  The delight of being young!

What do you think they were thinking?  Where were they headed?  Mystery solving?



Tune in soon to see what else I’ll be pulling out of the relatively recent past!