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Just being facetious!

Lots of hours spent in the car recently with all four children gave us a lot to laugh about.  One instance in particular comes to mind.  I made some off the handle-definitely-joking comment about a particular child’s behavior, and perhaps needing to put her on the roof.   😉    A few seconds later, you could hear the thought process of my son.  He said, “Um…that would be dangerous…remember when Daddy put the Christmas tree up there and tied it down…maybe if she holds on really tight…?”  Poor guy, here I was, completely being facetious and his mind is putting it through the ringer, with real fear for his sister’s safety.

So, today, as I was recalling that situation, I decided to post this little blurb on him.  My little boy is most often, the hardest child of mine for me to capture with my camera.  Sometimes he is more than willing and will request his picture to be taken, but, the second my lens is pointed at him this funny, square, ‘cheese’ smile is forced across his face (even if he were laughing in the moment prior).  His birthday was back in March & I took him out with the hopes of capturing a little bit of his personality.  We really adore this tunnel of trees and always have a good time when I attempt pictures here.   🙂     He started dancing in the street, completely on his own accord, which had me grinning ear to ear to say the least!

Dancing caused his temp to rise & so he took off his sweater for the remainder of the pictures.  I thought I’d include this picture because I was trying out a different style of editing…not sure how I feel about it, none-the-less, thought I’d share it.

For those of you who have requested certain images, I am absolutely honored to have my work in your home!  Not to mention, thank you for the sharing the stories as to why those particular photos really struck a cord for you!  For any of you who are interested, but, shy or hesitant, please ask away!  The images are free   🙂    like I said, I’m just thrilled to share my joy, have you following along & even more delighted to have my work displayed in friends & family’s homes!

Thank you so much for following along on my journey!


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  1. Stacy

    Hey Jill!!
    I had to set up new account…..cant wait to get caught up on here!! xoxo

    September 17, 2011 at 5:12 pm

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