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Dandelion Heaven!

OH, NO WAY!  Who on earth is this obsessed with dandelions!?!   😀   I took these in, you guessed it, April!  You’re either going to love this post, or not!  Clearly, I had a ton of fun with these soft, furry – WEEDS.  To some, they’re annoying (to anyone trying to keep their yard weed free), they’re great fun (to any child!), they’re inspiration (to anyone who likes to explore with their camera)!

My apologies in advance.  I think I have gone to dandelion heaven!  I had a really, really hard time narrowing it down!  Believe it or not, this is narrowed down!  I hope you won’t feel like you’re seeing the same image or dandelion over & over again!  Most definitely, you are not!  They are from different places, different days, different times.

Enjoy!  BTW, if anyone is interested in making one of these wall art in YOUR own home, just message me.   🙂   Or for that matter, if you are interest in any particular pictures from previous posts.  Some of these captures are great wall art for anyone’s home.  Like the trains, the Japanese Maples, the mysterious fog, the fall leaves, the icicles or winter scene, the roses…  just email me at jc@jilliancobbphotography.com

Dry or wet!?  SO much fun!

Do you see the little blurred dots as we’re looking through the top layer of the dandelion?


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One response

  1. Melinda

    Beautiful…who knew dandelions could be so pretty?

    June 14, 2011 at 4:33 am

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