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Besties…whether you like this word or not…that’s what they are!

Here we are still in April…

These lovely, young girls met shortly before they turned the ripe old age of two.  They are best friends, and quite simply, might as well be sisters.  Our families are as close as you can be without actually sharing a blood line.  Every now and then, we kind of celebrate how & when we came to be.

On this particular day, these two came to me, changed into dresses, with huge smiles on their faces, and requested my company outside complete with camera.  Busy patterns and all, I could not resist!

It was a warm spring evening filled with laughter, thumb wrestling, dancing, spinning, hand holding, mystery solving, and just being young.




Free, lighthearted fun!  The delight of being young!

What do you think they were thinking?  Where were they headed?  Mystery solving?



Tune in soon to see what else I’ll be pulling out of the relatively recent past!


One response

  1. Mohita

    Aww..I am short of words , both Macy n Nina look beautiful ..now I am looking forward to pics of kirsten and Lauren :).

    June 5, 2011 at 12:11 pm

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