a tender touch, precious moments, life's every day beauties…

It’s no mystery! :) …and isn’t this guy beautiful!?

This is the closest I have gotten to any butterflies.  They sunbathe for a little bit, then sense me & flutter off.  Man they sure are quick & hard to track to their next resting place.  I think I may have to plan a trip to a butterfly garden soon!

Ha.  Here I am. Finally.     😀

Life. It’s gets so busy right!?!  Of course, there is little mystery, about what it is that I’ve been up to.  Although, being that this is, a photographic journey that you’re on with me, I am going to clear up some of whatever mystery there may have been.     😉

Some snaps, some obsessive macro, some…, well, you’ll see!

Here we are venturing back to April!  =/

I’ve decided to give a rather sporadic update and will be catching up with several posts in the days to come.  Not to worry, but, by days to come, I mean, this & next week!         😉

With all the sweet warmth and spring in full effect, we spent lots of time outdoors, enjoying the fruits of the season.

Not to worry, as if you were, lol!  Another post is ready to be served up tomorrow   🙂

Btw, thank you again for all the support, kind words, messages, emails and inquires, I truly appreciate it.


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