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Take time.

Again, here I am posting in what feels like has been too long.  My posts have been few and far between.  Not because I don’t have the want, desire and inspiration to post… but because I have been having SUCH an incredibly hard time finding a healthy balance!  I am not sure how other moms balance their daily and weekly duties, obligations, interests, children, husband, home, etc.  If you have any suggestions, I have an open ear, please message me!     🙂

Right up my alley in the next few weeks I will be celebrating the birthday’s of my two youngest children.  One on the 7th, FOUR years old!  The other on the 13th, TWO years old!  I cannot believe my babies are getting so big so fast (everyone feels this way, right?)!  I can imagine myself saying that same sentence a million times more throughout the course of my life.

Time…how it can feel so long ago, yet, just like yesterday, all in the same instant!

Take Time – by Julie O’Brien

Take time to hold me on your lap,

To joke with me and make me laugh.

Take time.  This time will go so fast.

Take time to give me extra hugs,

To teach me a nursery rhyme or song.

Take time.  I won’t be little long.

Take time to tuck me into bed,

To read that story you know by heart.

Take time.  Soon these days will part.

Take time to exclaim over what I color,

To admire the things I make from clay.

Take time.  I’m growing up and away.

Take time to imagine or make believe,

To play some childish, silly game.

Take time.  Soon it won’t be the same.

Take time to let me help you work.,

To teach me the many things you know.

Take time.  Enjoy me as I grow.

I hope you enjoyed this poem and can take something from it as well.  I always do.  FYI, this was my first attempt at studio work including myself…I won’t be attempting this again for a while at least not until there is a remote shutter release involved.  Self-timer does not cut it for me   😉   These were taken back in November, already I can see what a great deal Emily has changed since then!       🙄


One response

  1. Stacy Nardella

    BEAUTIFUL = All of it….blog, poem & pics!
    You are doing an amazing job Jill !
    I truly enjoy not only reading the blog but LOVE your camera skills! ❤
    Keep up the good work!

    February 25, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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