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One more for good measure, well, for Jackson…

Meet Jackson!  Yes, I know this is VERY Christmas related, which clearly has just passed!  Bare with me   🙂

Now, here I am introducing you to our Elf on the Shelf, Jackson.  Let me explain.  He was given to us last year, therefore, this was Jackson’s second Christmas with us.  He moves to a different location in our house almost every day.  He sits in the tree, on the rim of a light, the side of a picture frame, a shelf, etc.  He leaves us notes and from time to time, leaves treats of all sorts.  When there is too much tears and sadness, his magic is affected and he will sit in the same spot for a day or two.  When he feels love and laughter – and sees good deeds, they do not go unrecognized.  This year we (Colin & I too) earned letters of recognition, powdered donuts (Jackson said all the elves like to call them snowman poop) and ornaments.  One day, a week before Christmas, Jackson delivered an incredibly special and very unexpected, early Christmas present.

The letter pictured above was not the letter that accompanied our special delivery, but it did look somewhat similar   😉   and went something like this…

“be gentle, show your love and kindness every single day.  This little boy was born here in Georgia and was found in a tractor scoop with his brothers and sisters.  Santa brought him to you early because he needs a home now…”

You can count on seeing more of our beloved little Jasper.  Isn’t he gorgeous!?   🙂   We can’t get enough of him and Jasper loves it!  He is always purring   😉

I’m leaving you today with two last Christmas images, until next year that is!


One response

  1. Holly

    Soooo CUTE! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Cobb family (Jasper too) hope to see more of you in 2011! xoxox

    December 31, 2010 at 10:29 am

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