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Merry Christmas from our house to yours!


Typically we use white lights all over the house, but I grew up with colored lights for the majority.  So, in ode to my past, and with my mom’s passing, I am revisiting the colored lights and finding it to be a joy this year.  Not to mention, my little turkey’s are thrilled with all the colors!  I had no idea they would be so thrilled to use colored lights instead!  Now I know.  I think we will alternate from here on out!     😉

Oh my goodness, aren’t we all so incredibly excited for Christmas!?  I cannot believe it is almost here, practically on top of us already!  I had more Christmas blogs planned in my head, but never quite found the time to have them pan out   😦   My family has a lot planned for today, but adding this one last post was one of my personal to-do’s.   🙂   In response to my post on Christmas lights, I have decided to add another round of lights galore!  Enjoy & have the merriest Christmas you possibly can!

Downtown Alpharetta….I can just imagine taking pictures downtown Chicago!

A wonderful neighborhood with wonderful Christmas spirit!

The next four pictures are all of the same house.  Every year they have the same crew come out to put up the decor and it always looks exactly the same.  I love it.  However, this year, I desperately wanted to take pictures of the crew putting up the lights, it looks so fun and holiday perfect!  Maybe I’ll sneak some next year…

Then I drove down one lonely looking road, which is typically well traveled by all those who live near.  Imagine this one in snow or ice   :/

I was aiming to visit this house, which, everyone who lives near to, always looks forward to seeing this time of year.

Merry Christmas from our neck of the woods to yours!


One response

  1. Stacy Nardella

    You have some fantastic houses of lights in your area, LOVE all of them!!

    December 24, 2010 at 8:26 am

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