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All the lights & glory…

There are so many holiday traditions to pass on to your children.  One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is driving around looking at all the lights.  Especially on Christmas Eve, on our way home from Grandma’s house!  Some of the houses we used to see went ALL out!  There would be tons of movement, little ice rinks with skaters, fake children in snowball fights, etc.  Now, I love to get the kids in their footie pajamas, grab some yummy snacks, everyone with their own special Christmas blanket and loaded into the car.  We tune into a station that plays only holiday music and then tour around the town checking out Christmas lights and decorations!  There may not be snow falling -or even on the ground for that matter- but, it is pretty darn close to ideal!  I decided I would share some of what we’ve been seeing, just incase you haven’t yet taken a drive for yourself!   🙂   The picture above is hands down, my favorite…although, let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to decide!

The house below was awesome!  It is one of my little jumpy-jumpy’s teachers.  The teacher sent out her address to everyone inviting them all to come see…and when we got there, we knew why!  Their lights moved and changed colors, all while in sync with music that you tune into on your radio!  We must’ve sat here for at least 10 minutes, in actuality, it was probably way longer!

Actually, their whole neighborhood was worth the visit!  It just so happens to be right near the duck pond we visit regularly!  In fact it’s the only duck pond we know of near by.

These were very classic, which I enjoy thoroughly.   🙂

Ah, the beautiful trees in their Christmas glory!  The tree all the way to the right is in the entrance of a subdivision on our way to school.  It is just gorgeous during the day as well.

Here are some from our duck pond, I love the reflections.  Although, I must say, I did not capture the true beauty and calm, silent comfort that I felt as I watched these displays in person… (& I totally should’ve used a tripod because of using such zoom & low light).

This was my company for the evening one night     🙂    He is very sweet & was always incredibly relieved to climb back on my lap when I would get back in the car.

I hope you enjoyed this large share of mine, especially if you haven’t taken the time to take a drive for yourself…now maybe you’ll be inspired enough to do so!  Especially those of you who are nearby me!  If you’d like to know our route, just message me, I’d be more than glad to pass it on!     🙂


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