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Winter Warm-up Part 11

I thought now was a good time for part deux of the winter warm-up!  Although, I must tell you now, my next two blogs will might be winter/Christmas themed   🙂   Last night the sleet here made the roads so dangerous, less than a mile away from my home I was stopped behind a parked car who was checking on the car next to me – which was turned completely on it’s passenger side doors, vertical in the air, bottom of the tires facing me!  Then the car behind me slid off the road too.  Madness in Georgia when it’s icy!  Thankfully, no one was injured in those accidents that happened around me.  When morning came it was so incredibly ICY that school was cancelled because of the road conditions.  It is very strange having a *SNOW DAY* with no snow!  I thought I could just pick up a bag of salt for our driveway, yeah, that’s not as easy here as it is in Illinois!  Now, here I am layered in a sweatshirt and slippers and still I have cold fingers and a frozen nose!  On that note, what do you say, we enjoy the warmth of these days passed… these too are from last May!   😆   imagine that!

This bumblebee came by when I was taking pictures of Miss M.  I think he wanted to be photographed too!  Although this lens is not a macro lens, I think it did okay   🙂   and completely has me looking forward to having a macro one day!

Barefoot in the grass on a warm summer’s eve.  Well, I wish Lauren had been barefoot too!  Those pretty little crocs I could do without looking at!   😉

and for a sweet ending, my favorite tunnel of trees.   🙂


2 responses

  1. Stacy Nardella

    The girls walking down the street together is the sweetest picture everrr!!! I dont know where that street is, but I love it and would love to see it someday 🙂

    December 17, 2010 at 6:56 am

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