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Ode to the Japanese Maple

Isn’t this color intense!?  Out of all the beautiful fall changes, this is the tree I most look forward to seeing turn every year.  This is a Japanese maple tree ‘Osakazuki.’  Oddly enough, this tree is our kids best only climbing tree!  I can’t wait until they realize this when they are older, because where they climb is just not very high off the ground.  They still love it.  Well some do, I won’t mention names, but some get struck with an intense fear once they’re up, and where they sit is only a mere 4 feet off the ground (if that)!   😆

The Japanese maple tree has been said to have the most vibrant, intense color of all the maples and we are fortunate enough to have plenty of them in our yard.  It is always one of our last trees to transition, or succumb, to the fall transformation.  That day has finally come, so I share with you my joy!

Also likened to that of a ‘burning bush,’ be sure to check out the stunning red and orange coloring in the gallery down below.  They are the individual pictures from the arrangement above, so that you can see their full, vibrant beauty!   🙂


3 responses

  1. desserae

    Beautiful! Those pictures are gorgeous.

    November 22, 2010 at 8:26 am

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