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A play for the holidays!

This time of year is so beautiful, with all the fall colors and the cold starting to settle in.  Warm sweaters, jackets, leggings, boots and cozy blankets!  Not to mention warm apple cider and hot chocolate!  Don’t get me wrong I have been hugely thankful for these last warm days we’ve been having!  Although, I have found it incredibly hard to dress the kids for freezing in the morning, summer in the afternoon and cold again at night.  That being said, we got very lucky the other night when I ventured out with the “K” family.  Here is a peek at our session!  It’s not your typical sneak peek, but, I was having a little fun with a play on the upcoming holidays!  Check back soon for more of the sweetest “K” family ever!

The photos used in the holiday card above are in full size in the gallery down below.  Just keep clicking on the images to enlarge them further.  😉



One response

  1. Stacy Nardella

    Beautiful lights and thanks for sharing!!
    Happy Holiday’s to you and your family Jill!

    December 20, 2010 at 10:15 am

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