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Log cabin any time of year!

Did I say I would post frequently!?  I suppose it is all relative 😉  Just an F.Y.I., I plan on posting two or three times a week, give or take a post (or two)!!!  lol!

Last May the girls had a dance recital.  The venue for the practice and recital was right across from this old, rustic cabin, which I adore.  A log cabin sounds perfect for any time of year, doesn’t it!?  A warm summer day with a lake near by, close enough to see or walk to.  An autumn eve with a crispness is the air, red, yellow, orange and green leaves all around.  A winter day with snow all around, on the roof and on the ground.  Well, these pictures have none of that, but, it was spring and still perfect.  There was some sort of blooming going on that was releasing all these tiny little white things into the air and they just floated around, almost like snowflakes, but lighter…anyone have a guess?  I didn’t catch any pictures of the itty bitty white stuff, well none to speak of.  However, I most certainly have plans to return to the cabin this coming spring and am hoping to encounter the floating tiny white stuff and capture it in it’s own tiny glory.



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